VASBI is pleased to announce that we are holding a joint meeting in collaboration with the 12th Annual Dialysis Conference.

Meeting: VASBI-ADC 2019

Meeting Date: 25th - 27th September 2019 

Location: Lowry Hotel, Dearmans Place, Chapel Wharf, Manchester M3 5LH

Organiser: Diane Comer

Enquiries: [email protected]



For those wishing to present at this year’s collaborative meeting with VASBI and the 12th Annual Dialysis Conference - the online abstract submission system is live for 2019!

Deadline for submissions - 14th June 2019

Submitting an abstract is a great opportunity to present and share your scientific work so please encourage your colleagues and departmental health care professionals to consider submitting. 

Abstracts can be submitted in the following categories:

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation




VASBI will host their meeting on the 25th September 2019. This will be followed by the ADC on the 26th & 27th September 2019. Delegates may attend either meeting or both. 


Registration Fees

VASBI Non-Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £150
VASBI Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £250
ADC Non-Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £150
ADC Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £250
COMBINED Non-Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £225
COMBINED Consultant (EARLY BIRD before 30/08/19) £325
VASBI Non-Consultant (after 30/08/19) £175
VASBI Consultant (after 30/08/19) £275
ADC Non-Consultant (after 30/08/19) £175
ADC Consultant (after 30/08/19) £275
COMBINED Non-Consultant (after 30/08/19) £250
COMBINED Consultant (after 30/08/19) £375


VASBI registration fee includes; one day attendance to VASBI DAY (25/09/19), coffee breaks, lunches, digital certificate of attendance, free WiFi and a ticket to the VABSI Annual Dinner.

ADC registration fee includes; two day attendance to ADC (26-27/09/19), coffee breaks, lunches, free WiFi and a ticket to the ADC Annual Dinner.

COMBINED registration fee includes; three day attendance to VASBI & ADC (25-27/09/19), coffee breaks, lunches, free WiFi and a ticket to one Annual Dinner of your chose, either VASBI or ADC.


Please send completed registration forms to: [email protected]

Download Form



Please select the programme you wish to download (please note: both programmes are subject to change).

VASBI - 25th September 2019

ADC - 26th & 27th September 2019



Please contact the course organiser, Diane Comer, for all VASBI-ADC 2019 Exhibition enquiries: [email protected]