VASBI is a multidisciplinary society and membership is open to nephrologists, radiologists, surgeons, nurses, radiographers, sonographers, vascular technicians, associated trainees and any other interested health care professional.

The benefits of memberships include:

  • Access to the Journal of Vascular Access
  • Reduced registration fee for Annual Meeting
  • Access to the VASBI on line forum
  • Access to VASBI membership directory

Membership categories:

£100 Full annual membership: Consultant/ Professor/ Specialist £50Full training membership: Medical trainee (Specialist Registrar/ FY1/ FY2/ CTs) £50Full allied professional membership: Nurse/ Sonograpaher / Radiographer / technician Reduced rate membership (excludes the Journal of Vascular Access): £25Nurse /Radiographer/ Technologist/ Sonographer FREEStudents

To apply for VASBI Membership please click here