VASBI Poster Room 2023



POS000211 Kidney failure risk score or the rate of decline in renal function as predictors for the optimal time of arteriovenous fistula formation? Helen Pearce

POS000213 A proposal for the implementation of the VASQoL PROM within vascular access maintenance surveillance improve quality and provide patient-centred care Leigh Bainbridge

POS000215 Advanced Kidney Care-Education Service Redesign Juliette Phillips

POS000222 Creating a Dialysis Vascular Access Resource Platform Clare Porter

POS000223 Infected Vascular Access Post scan: A re-audit. Simon Daniel

POS000224 Compliance towards prescribing skin decolonisation for haemodialysis patients at CVC insertion Leah-kate Butler

POS000226 Secondary patency rates following salvage of thrombosed arteriovenous access – is it worth the effort? Charlotte Hogg

POS000227 Access blood flow Surveillance for Home Haemodialysis (HHD) Patients Using Twister Reverse Flow Device: A single Centre Experience Marissa Irasga

POS000228 Rescuing a Haemodialysis with reliable outflow (HeRO) graft: Axillary Necklace graft insertion following removal of locally infected brachial graft Dr Adam Lloyd

POS000231 Removal of tunnelled dialysis line requiring cardiopulmonary bypass and repair of great veins Drit Gashi

POS000233 Meeting clinical needs – diversifying the Renal Nursing workforce. Alison Swain

POS000235 Procedure Room Fistulas Hannah Magowan

POS000239 Making Fistula Follow up Formal Rebecca Higgins

POS000241 Does the type of dialysis access contribute to depression in haemodialysis patients? Tamasin Stevenson

POS000242 A Haemodialysis Link Nurse Development Programme Justine Dodson

POS000243 Dialysis access formation in the Octogenarian - experience  from one UK centre. Tamasin Stevenson

POS000244 Safety and efficacy of primary treatment of DCB of vascular stenosis Giuditta Tassi

POS000247 Update of Assess Access Monitoring via Dialysis Machine Data MICK KUMWENDA

POS000249 Vascular Access Multi-Disciplinary Team approach to solving increase in number of spontaneous tunnelled haemodialysis catheters falling out at home Julie Wishart

POS000250 Ultrasound guided peripheral cannulation training for foundation doctors: an unmet need? Dr Stephen Bell

POS000255 Perception of scar among haemodialysis patients with arteriovenous fistula Mahmoud Tolba