Speaker instructions

Speaker Instructions 2017


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There is no time in the meeting schedule for over-running and the chairs of each session are under strict instructions to finish promptly and if requested, please summarize and complete the presentation immediately.


Financial/Commercial Declaration

All presentations should include after the title slide, a separate slide stating a declaration of any sources of commercial sponsorship, honoraria etc. If there are no relevant sources please include a statement to that effect.


Scientific Sessions ONLY

Please ensure that the presentation takes 7 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions and debate. If you talk for more than 7 minutes you will be interrupted and asked to sum up in 30 seconds to allow time for questions.


Main Programme Sessions 

Please note the duration of each presentation according to the programme or as indicated by the session chairperson and allow an appropriate period for questions at the end of your talk.


AV Facilities

  • Data projection is available in main meeting room.
  • Presenters will not be able to use their own laptop computers.
  • There are no facilities for slide or OHP projection.
  • The accepted presentation format is PowerPoint (Microsoft Office 2010).
  • Please choose the “On screen show” output within the “slide set up” menu when formatting your presentation.
  • All presentations should be on a USB compatible flash memory device.
  • All presentation media should be clearly marked with session, title, date & time of presentation, presenter surname & initials.
  • Report to the duty AV technician in the Titanic Ballroom as soon as possible, preferably at 8am on the day of your presentation.
  • If you have any Video clips as part of your presentation it is important that the video file is saved to the Data stick (flash drive) so the technician can redefine the target of the video clip within PowerPoint once loaded onto the show PCs.

If you have any questions regarding your presentation please contact the VASBI Conference Office as soon as possible.

Contact details: Ruth Moss, Tel: 0141 942 8104, Email: [email protected]